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The Website May Contain Inaccuracies And Typographical And Clerical Errors. Ainain Pvt Ltd Expressly Disclaims Any Obligation To Update This Site Or Any Of The Materials On This Site. Ainain Pvt Ltd Does Not Warrant The Accuracy Or Completeness Of The Materials Or The Reliability Of Any Advice, Opinion, Statement Or Other Information Displayed Or Distributed Through The Site. You Acknowledge That Any Reliance On Any Such Opinion, Advice, Statement, Memorandum, Or Information Shall Be At Your Sole Risk. Ainain Pvt Ltd Reserves The Right, In Its Sole Discretion, To Correct Any Errors Or Omissions In Any Portion Of The Site. Ainain Pvt Ltd May Make Any Other Changes To The Site, The Materials And The Products, Programs, Services Or Prices (If Any) Described In The Site At Any Time Without Notice.

Once You Agree To Work With Ainain, You Also Agree To: Website Development Projects

  • During The Project Briefing, It Is Client’s Responsibility To Provide Us With Clear Guidelines Along With The Flow Or Specific Details You May Require. When Such Details Are Not Provided, We Will Proceed With Our Understanding Of Your Requirements And Quote Accordingly. At A Later Stage, If A Discrepancy Arises, It May Lead To Additional Costs To Accommodate The Changes. Thus, It Is Essential That You Clarify Every Aspect Of Your Website Development And Ensure That You Have Been Quoted On The Right Requirements.
  • Once Proposal Has Been Finalized, Any Additions, Changes Or Enhancements In The Functionality Or Design Of The Project Will Affect The Proposal And May Incur Additional Cost And A Revised Delivery Date. All Additional Work, Over And Above The Estimates Is Charged Separately. Under No Circumstances Will Ainain Pvt Ltd Be Liable For Any Delays Caused By Change In The Project Brief.
  • Any Complexity Related To Specific Deliverable, Must Be Advised In Advance And Included In The Proposal For Costing Purposes. We Operate In Good Faith And Rely On Our Clients To Disclose The Full Picture Of Their Expectations. Any Discrepancy Arising Due To Unclear Requirements Or Expectations Will Not Be Borne By Ainain Pvt Ltd.
  • Website Content And All Related Materials Need To Be Provided To Us Within The First Two Weeks Of Starting The Project. Any Delays Thereafter May Delay The Project And May Incur Additional Charges If It Goes Beyond Reasonable Timeframe.
  • The Client Must Recognize That At Times There May Be Unforeseen Circumstances That Will Delay The Development Process, Particularly With Reference To The Integration Of Third Party Software. We Will Try Our Best To Complete The Project As Agreed In The Proposal. As Long As It Is Within A Reasonable Period, The Client Agrees Not To Penalize Us For Any Genuine Delay, When Every Effort To Keep The Project On The Proposed Schedule Is Taken.
  • Ainain Pvt Ltd Takes No Responsibility Of Any Of The Third-Party Products, Software Or Components Used In The Website Development Such As Payment Gateway, SSL Certificates Etc. We Suggest You To Take Regular Back-Ups To Avoid Any Disruptions.
  • Ainain Pvt Ltd Offer Packages In Co-Ordination With Third Party Providers. Changes To The Third-Party Provider’s Rules And Policies May Ultimately Effect The Services We Provide Or The Terms And Conditions Herein.
  • Domain Registration Charges Are Not Included As A Part Of The Proposal Unless Mentioned Otherwise.
  • Hosting Charges Are Not Included In The Quotations Unless Mentioned Otherwise. Ainain Pvt Ltd Can Organize An Appropriate Hosting Solution If Required, A Quote For Which Will Be Submitted Separately And Approved By The Client.
  • Once The Website Is Delivered We Will Provide 1-Month Free Service Including Training
  • For E-Commerce Website – Data Entry Is Free For 20 To 55 Products Only
  • Where Clients Decide To Organize Their Own Hosting, We Should Be Consulted Before Finalizing The Type Of Hosting And Database, As It Should Meet The Requirements Of The Technology Used For The Development. Please Note That We’ll Require Full Access With Hosting Support For Testing And Deploying The Application. Ainain Pvt Ltd Will Not Be Liable For Any Delays Or Errors Caused By Direct Or Indirect Actions Of The Hosting Company.
  • Ainain Pvt Ltd Cannot Give Access To Their Test Servers And Test Websites To The Clients Or Any Third Party.
  • Copyright Of The Completed Web Designs, Images, Pages, Code And Source Files Created By The Developer For The Project Shall Be With The Client Upon Final Payment Only By Prior Written Agreement. Without Agreement, Ownership Of Designs And All Code Is With The Developer.

Hosting Service

  • Hosting Is An Annual Charge Which Must Be Paid In Advance For The Whole Year.
  • It Is The Client’s Responsibility To Renew The Hosting In Time Ie. Before The Expiry Date. Failure To Renew In Time Can Lead To Loss Of Files, Data, Emails, Backups Etc. All Unpaid Hosting’s Are Disabled Or Deleted From The Server.
  • All Renewals Must Be Paid By Seven Working Days Prior To The Expiry Date. Ainain Pvt Ltd Will Not Be Responsible For Issues Relating To Delayed Payment.
  • Hosting Are On Shared And Non-Shared Servers Hosted Via Third Party Providers. Ainain Pvt Ltd Ensures Best To Our Ability That Our Systems And Servers Are Protected From Hackers, Viruses, Intruders And Other Online And Offline Problems, However We Will Not Be Held Liable For Any Disruption Of Services If Such Situation Arises.
  • Client Is Solely Responsible For The Content Stored On And Served By The Hosting Service Purchased And The Activity Of Any Scripts Or Email Services Created Under The Hosting Service. The Customer Must Maintain The Security Of All Account Passwords And Applications Or Scripts And Ensure All Scripts Under The Hosting Service Are Free From Malicious Content That May Harm Any Part Of The Server, Other Client Accounts Hosted, Or The External Systems Of Visitors Viewing The Hosted Content.
  • Incase Of A Malware Attack, Ainain Pvt Ltd reserves The Right To Delete Files On The Hosting Service Without Giving Any Prior Notice.
  • Cancellation/Termination:
    • Hosting Cancellation Requests Must Be Sent In Writing Or By Email One Month Prior To The Expiry Of The Same. Once The Hosting Has Been Renewed, It Cannot Be Cancelled And Must Be Paid For The Full Year.
    • If The Hosting Is Not Paid And Renewed Before The Expiry Date. We Reserve The Right To Disable The Hosting And All Associated Services Including Emails And DNS Records. Additional Charges Will Be Applicable To Re-Enable The Hosting. Ainain Pvt Ltd Will Not Be Responsible For Any Loss Of Data, Files, Emails, Backups, Restoration Costs Etc.
    • If A Hosting Has Been Cancelled / Disabled Then All Files, Emails, Databases And Backups Will Be Deleted From The Server Without Any Notification To The Client.
    • Once All Invoices Are Paid, It Is Client’s Responsibility To Request For The Files Subject To The Below:
  • Emails:
    • All Emails Are To Be Downloaded On The Client’s Computer Periodically. Email Boxes Must Be Kept Within Their Quota Limits. Periodical Maintenance May Be Carried Out On The Email Box And Emails Older Than 6 Months Are Deleted.
    • Client’s Must Not Use The Email Hosting For Inappropriate Content And Other Undesired Emails Which Can Result In Spamming Or Infecting The Server. Under Such Circumstances, Immediate Action Will Be Taken And The Required Files And Data Will Be Deleted Without Any Prior Notice.
    • Ainain Pvt Ltd Offer Packages In Co-Ordination With Third Party Providers. Changes To The Third Party Provider’s Rules And Policies May Ultimately Effect The Services We Provide Or The Terms And Conditions Herein.
    • Hosting Are On Shared And Non-Shared Servers Hosted Via Third Party Providers. Ainain Pvt Ltd Ensures Best To Our Ability That Our Systems And Servers Are Protected From Hackers, Viruses, Intruders And Other Online And Offline Problems, However We Will Not Be Held Liable For Any Disruption Of Services If Such Situation Arises.
  • Domains
    • All Domain Registrations And Renewals Are To Be Paid In Advance.
    • Expiration Of  A Domain Can Result In Service Disruption And Loss Of Domain.
    • Ainain Pvt Ltd Will Not Be Responsible If A Domain Expires Due To Non-Payment / Late Payment Of The Charges. All Payments Must Be Made By Seven Working Days Before The Expiry Date.
    • It Is Client’s Responsibility To Renew Their Domain Names With Us.
    • All Invoices And Dues Must Be Paid In Full Before We Release The Requested Domain Name.
    • Ainain Pvt Ltd Has The Domains In A Common Pool Account And Therefore Cannot Give Access To Its Domain Control Panel.
    • Ainain Pvt Ltd Offer Packages In Co-Ordination With Third Party Providers. Changes To The Third Party Provider’s Rules And Policies May Ultimately Effect The Services We Provide Or The Terms And Conditions Herein.

Maintenance Plan

  • All Maintenance Packages Are For A Minimum Of 3 Month’s Period
  • Maintenance Packages Are Billed Quarterly And Fee Is To Be Credited / Paid On 1st Day Of Billed Quarter.
  • Packages Are Designed To Serve Minor Website Maintenance Tasks Only. Larger Projects Or Updates Are Not Included In The Package.
  • Package Includes One Support Request Per Month Of Upto 20 Man-Hour. Unused Man-Hours May Not Be Rolled Over To The Next Month. This Support Time Can Be Used Once Every Month To Update The WordPress And Plugins Versions.
  • Ainain Pvt Ltd Employs Fair Use Policy, Which Means That Although We Don’t Formally Transfer Over Any Unused Time To The Next Month Or Formally Accumulate Unused Man-Hours, We Do Understand That Your Needs May Change From Month To Month, And We Allow Flexibility In Good Faith Sometimes.
  • Any Extra Hours Used Will Be Billed Separately @ $15/Hour.
  • Support Requests Need To Be Sent Via Email To support@ainain.org
  • Any Urgent Tasks Will Be Charged Separately
  • The Package Is Auto Renewed Every Quarter And Invoice Will Be Raised.